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Students learn best by doing. It's just that simple. With our simulations, students make business decisions using the concepts you've taught.

"Stukent provides hands-on, first-in-the-world simulations and up-to-date courseware packed with teaching resources. Our products give students real-world experience while saving instructors hours of prep time.

Over the past 18 months, we've launched ten new simulations and courseware bundles. We now have robust, turn-key solutions in the following areas:

  • Marketing Principles

  • Content Marketing

  • Professional Sales

  • Marketing Strategy

  • SEO & Email Marketing

  • Advertising & Communications

  • Marketing Analytics

  • Digital & Social Media Marketing

  • Entrepreneurship

  • And more!

Visit to request free access or to set up a demo of our marketing products. We’ll help you find the bundle that works best for your course!"

MBTN, or Management by the Numbers, is a self-paced, online learning system with a focus on business metrics and analytics.  MBTN offers over 60 modules for Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, HR, Accounting, Operations, and Statistics. Each module consists of a straight-forward tutorial and four multi-question problem sets. Learn business concepts through practical problem-solving experience and practice.

Learn by doing with Hubro Education's Marketing Simulation


The modern and easy-to-use marketing simulations will have students focused on applying and developing core marketing skills, helping them get career ready. As one marketing lecturer said "Hubro Marketing is the closest we get to the real-world in the classroom. It provides great opportunities for discussion, that's what you learn from"

Teach Marketing or Marketing Strategy? Learn more at the MEA conference!

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