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General Data Protection Regulation

MEA fully supports and recognizes the importance of GDPR. We aim to provide transparency regarding your personal data use, whether you are from Europe or elsewhere. Please direct all concerns regarding your privacy to our webmaster team. 

Data Gathered

When you visit our site, we obtain the general location. For example, we are able to see that a session originated from Washington State, United States of America. We only review this information to better understand where our website reaches, the user from that area is anonymous to us. MEA does not track or utilize cookies or any other session information.

If you fill out our contact form, we obtain the information you provide and we keep you on our mailing list. You can request to be removed at any time and you can request to have your personal information that you provided removed at any time. We only use your provided data to respond to your initial message.


MEA will never sell your information. If you become a member with us, you receive a one year subscription to JME, in which we pass along the necessary info to complete your subscription. 

If you register for our annual conference, your contact info will be collected so that we can keep you informed on our upcoming events and opportunities. Your e-mail is also provided to our sponsors so that they can better serve you at the conference and improve your conference experience. 

Privacy Policy

MEA's website is hosted through a third party platform called Wix. You can view Wix's Privacy Policy HERE. Wix supports the GDPR, to learn more about how Wix uses your data see section 8, 12, and 13 of thier Privacy Policy.

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