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MEA is a non-profit organization supported by various universities with faculty and staff serving as volunteers.

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Dr. Julie Nelson, President

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Dr. Tony Stovall, President Elect

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Dr. Vicki Eveland, Vice President


Dr. Suzanne Conner


MEA 2017


MEA is a very useful forum for educators to learn new strategies and tactics, exchange ideas about improving teaching effectiveness, and enjoy quality time with fellow educators. It's not your typical academic conference.


Darrin C. Duber-Smith

Metropolitan State University of Denver


Dr. Rex Moody


Marketing Director

Dr. David Ackerman

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Dr. Qin Sun

Join a warm and welcoming group of colleagues who work together to continuously improve the pedagogy in the field of marketing.


Deborah D. Heisley, Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing

David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

California State University, Northridge



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