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Board Members

2024 - 2025 Executive Board
Qin Sun


Qin Sun

California State University, Northridge

(818) 677-4650

Cal+Simpson Photo.jpg

President Elect

Cal Simpson

Indiana University East

(248) 495-5978

Kristen Schiele.jpg

Vice President 

Kristen Schiele

University of Southern California


Immediate Past President

Vicki Eveland

Mercer University

Susan Cadwallader.png

Board Chair

Susan Cadwallader

California State University, Fullerton

(801) 832-2650

Rex Moody.jpg


Rex Moody

Angelo State University

Suzanne Connor.jpeg

Co-Secretary/Treasurer & Webmaster

Suzanne Conner

Georgia Southwestern University

David Ackerman.jpeg

Marketing Director

David Ackerman

California State University Northridge

Ning Fu.jpg

Social Media Director

Ning Fu

California State University Northridge

Victoria Crittenden.jpg

Editor, Journal of Marketing Education

Victoria Crittenden

Babson College

(781) 239-5715

MEA Denver



Join a warm and welcoming group of colleagues who work together to continuously improve the pedagogy in the field of marketing.


Deborah D. Heisley, Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing

David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

California State University, Northridge



Past Presidents

Ex Officio

We thank you for your support and leadership. 

Vicki Eveland, Mercer University (

Tony Stovall, Indiana University (

Julie Nelsen, St. Catherine University (

Sarah Fischbach, Pepperdine University (
Jennifer Zarzosa, Henderson State University (
Glen Brodowsky, California State University, San Marcos (

Susan Cadwallader, California State University, Fullerton (

Clay Daughtrey, Metropolitan State University of Denver (

Barbara L. Gross, California State University, Northridge (

Gary Karns, Seattle Pacific University (

Current Board Members


Western Directors:
Kirti Celly, California State University Dominguez Hills (

Deborah Heisley, California State University Northridge (

Rika Houston, California State University Los Angeles (

Shikha Upadhyaya,
Northwestern Directors:
Robert Trumpy, Central Washington University (

Southwestern Directors:

Gopala Ganesh, University of North Texas (

Thuy Nguyen, University of North Texas (

Rocky Mountain Directors:

Sally Baalbaki, Metropolitan State University (

Kwabena Peprah, Metropolitan State University (

Katherine Howe,

Central Directors:

Southern Directors:
Adam Mills, Loyola University New Orleans (

Eastern Directors:

Emi Moriuchi, Rochester Institute of Technology (

Community College / High School Directors

International Directors:

Vilte Auruskeviciene, ISM University of Management and Economics (

Nathalie Chinje, University of Witwatersrand (

Sabine Emad, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (

Wade Halvorson, University of Western Australia (

Karen Robson, Windsor's Odette School of Business, Canada (

At Large Directors:

Magali Dubosson, Univ. of Applied Sciences Western, Switzerland(

Janet Parish, Texas A&M University (

Mark Rosenbaum, Hawai'i Pacific University (

Kathleen Zumpfe, Doane University (

MEA is a conference where I have been able to connect and become friends with other faculty members who care about the practice and scholarship of marketing education. It is a great place to share pedagogical research which can later be submitted to pedagogical journals, and to pick up practical insights into curriculum, classroom management, effective teaching, and more. MEA is a friendly and collegial conference where people attend sessions ready to learn, and ideas are discussed in a supportive (and fun!) environment.

Barbara L. Gross, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Marketing

California State University, Northridge

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