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Marketing Educators' Association

1982 Conference Proceedings

Long Beach, California

Session 5A: Market Research I - Teaching
Session 5B: Marketing Management I
Session 5C: International Marketing I - Teaching
Session 6A: Market Research II - Management
Session 6B: Marketing Management II
Session 6C: International Marketing II - Management
Session 8A: Industrial Marketing
A Method of Improving Internationalization and Use of Industrial Marketing Theory by Students
Session 8B: Non-Profit Marketing
Session 8C: Services Marketing
Session 9A: Marketing Education I - Teaching
Session 9B: Advertising I
Session 9C: Segmentation I
Session 11A: Marketing Education II - Curriculum
University Market: The Relative Importance of Variables for Selecting a School to Attend
Session 11B: Advertising II
Session 11C: Segmentation II
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